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The goal is to return at least three times the investment in three years.

Transform Enterprises, LLC proposes to make investments in technology, real estate, and small businesses that have the potential of returning three times the investment in three years. The funding for these investments is capital from small private investors wanting a greater return on their investment dollars.

An individual investor can choose a project to invest in and choose a level of risk. The start of a project is the point of greatest risk and potential returns. As the project progresses through its life cycle, investment risk decreases and the associated returns decrease as well. Individuals can invest in any phase of the project life cycle.

At no time is any investment guaranteed either a return on investment or return of any principal.

Projects are reviewable by individual investors at any time. All project information is made available via the Internet and individuals are invited to verify any aspect of a project they have invested in - including the project's financials. Location visits are also welcomed.

Transform Enterprises, LLC is a new endeavor for me and I am the company's entire workforce at this time. I am now working on identifying and developing the first project.

Should any of this pique your interest, I welcome your questions. Contact me, Michael Cottle, at (916) 248-4152 or send an email to

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